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Does Your Child Have the Big 10 Life Skills?

Julie Swanson
“The Life Skills Lady”


Big 10 Life Skills (PDF format)
Life Skills Cheat Sheet for IEP Planning (PDF format)

— Justification for incorporating life skills into the IEP (See Section 300.320(a)(2)(i)(B))

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A “How-To” Guide for Improving Parent-Provider Communication

Justyna Balzar, MEd, BCBA


Materials: Communication Skills (PDF Format)

Related Article: How to Use an ABA Approach to Advocate for Your Special Needs Child,
co-authored by Justyna Balzar (PDF Format)

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How to Talk with Your Child’s Team:
Effective Communication During the PPT/504 Process

Todd Kellogg, LMFT, BCBA


Materials: Presentation Content (PDF Format)

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Nuts and Bolts of the Special Education Process: Tips and Strategies to Use when Advocating for Your Child

Melissa Accomando, Esq.

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Post High School and College Planning for Students on the Spectrum: Helping Our Students Prepare for Their Future and Find the Right Path

Jane Thierfeld Brown, EdD

Transitioning to College:
Understanding Post-Secondary Challenges and Legal Issues for Students with ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Robert M. Tudisco, Esq.


Materials: Transitioning to College
(PDF Format)

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Transitioning: When a Child with a Disability Turns 18, What’s Next?

Colleen E. Masse, Esq.


Materials: Transition at Age 18 (PDF Format)

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by Eve Kessler, Esq.

Becoming the advocate your child with LD deserves means learning how to navigate the school system. It’s essential to educate yourself on policies that impact your child as well as develop positive relationships with those in a position to give your child what she needs.


by Eve Kessler, Esq.

As a parent, it’s your job to manage your child’s education and secure their rights under the law. Here are some tips to help you establish a collaborative partnership with your school to achieve those goals.