Once the formal evaluation of a child has been completed, the Planning and Placement Team (PPT), including the child’s parents, will discuss the results and will determine whether the child is eligible for special education and related services.

Prior to the PPT meeting during which the evaluation results will be discussed for the first time, the parents may request the results of the assessments and evaluations. If that request is made, the district must provide the evaluation results at least three days before the PPT meeting. Also, prior to that PPT meeting, the parents may meet with a member of the PPT to discuss the PPT process and any concerns that the parents have regarding the child. Parents should fully understand the results and conclusions drawn from the evaluation, so that they may work confidently with professionals in planning services for the child.

If parents disagree with an evaluation performed by school personnel or the recommendations, they may request an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) — a second opinion — at the district’s expense, or they may choose to have another evaluation done at their own expense. Parents may, at any time, whether or not they disagree with the district’s evaluation or recommendations, opt to have an IEE performed at their own expense.

Independent Educational Evaluations

An Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) is an evaluation conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the school district.

  • Parents have the right to request an IEE, at the district’s expense, if they disagree with a district’s evaluation or recommendations.

  • If parents request an IEE at the district’s expense, the district must, without unnecessary delay, either initiate a due process hearing to prove that its original evaluation is appropriate or ensure that an IEE is provided at the district’s expense.

  • Parents may obtain an IEE at their own expense at any time.

  • When making decisions regarding a child’s educational program, the district must consider the results of any IEE, including one paid for by the parents.

  • The IEE must meet the standards for evaluation used by the school district.

  • However, the parent also has the right to demonstrate unique circumstances to justify the use of an independent evaluator who does not meet those standards.


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