I attended my first SPED*NET presentation when one of my children began struggling in school, and I was hooked from then on. The presenter was not only knowledgeable about the topic but also very instructive, giving the audience of parents and caregivers concrete next steps to implement.

As my children were diagnosed with “an alphabet soup” of learning disabilities in the following years, it was empowering to learn more about the disabilities, the available therapies and programs, as well as how to navigate the public school special education system. It was also encouraging to meet and receive support from other parents facing the same struggles.

My children are now grown, and certainly the knowledge I gained from each SPED*NET talk gave me the tools to help them become the productive adults they now are.”

Wilton Parent

I was introduced to SPED*NET when my children were in the birth to three program. Navigating the special education system was a complete and overwhelming (not to mention daunting) experience, to say the least. But with the informational resources provided via SPED*NET, I was able to attend seminars by accomplished professionals with cutting edge research and learned how to write and orchestrate accountable and measurable IEPs.

This evolving knowledge enabled me to make smart, well-informed decision about how to effectively advocate for my children and achieve best possible outcomes for their future.

Fast forward 15+ years and I am still depending on SPED*NET to empower me with the tools and resources I need to transition my children into young adult life.

I don’t know what I would have done without the invaluable support, knowledge and guidance of SPED*NET to help guide me through the ongoing journey of special education.

Wilton Parent