SPED*NET was there for me at a critical time when I moved with my son to Connecticut from the UK. I was living in a foreign country, with no knowledge of my child’s rights, and my 7 year old was at a crisis point. SPED*NET guided and supported me to find expert psychological testing for him, which focused me on what he needed, what he found challenging, and proved just how much potential there was for future growth that needed attention.

Eve accompanied me to my first PPT, educated me, and helped me focus on what was important at each stage of his development. Gradually, with SPED*NET’s help, I became an effective advocate for my son, and when my other son needed support
I was there for him and for others who needed guidance with their children.

Today, I’m a teacher in the UK and, whilst teacher training was useful,
I learned more from SPED*NET and my own children’s paths through their education and their lives so far. Both my sons are now self-aware, empathetic, expressive, accountable people for whom SPED*NET helped provide a map for life.”

Emma Sutherland,
Former Wilton Parent